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increase sales

$10 pw

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will take to start seeing extra profits!

Can your business afford
not to gain?

Course is designed for businesses
that have been in operation for
at least 12 months, however, new business
startups will also benefit as a guide to what
you need to know when your business gets
off the ground. Even if you have been in
business for 10 years, you can still learn
from this course, and potentially create
some great partnering opportunities.


Does your business need extra CASH?

NEW 14 week Faster Profits - Secrets to Business Success ecourse program starting soon! Designed to help you identify where you can increase sales and increase profits, and more importantly, identify areas of your business that need improvement or refinement. Program includes...

increased sales clarify the direction and needs of your business
increased profits assess your business goals
improved systems identify areas of improvement
improved operations where you can save money
improved operations tricks to help you save time and focus on your business needs
business improvement business plan - do you really need one
improved operations customer feedback and what to do with it
improved operations make massive sales within 24 hours
improved operations attract customers through search
improved operations check if your advertising is damaging your business
better business partnering with another business
quality products setup a business system or improve the one you have
pricing strategies learning copywriting can help you save money on marketing
pricing strategies cheap and free strategies for marketing you may not have considered

Bonus - how to determine if you need a facebook, twitter, linkedin, or youtube presence.

Who needs this program?

Suitable for business owners who need to gain confidence, clarity, and especially learn how to increase sales and increase profits.

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cafe marketing - coffee shop marketing


coffee shop marketing

Who else wants to make an extra $200 a day with simple and easy to implement cafe marketing strategies?

You will receive 27 money making & saving ideas for your cafe or coffee shop ... plus:

+ FREE online advertisement on
+ FREE tell your friends to add a review
+ FREE tell your clients to add a review

Suitable for cafes, coffee shops, takeaways, and sandwich shops.

*You will be taken to to make your purchase & receive immediate download via paypal.

increase sales
increase profits

How you can increase prices as part of your pricing strategy without affecting business negatively!

SAVE 15% and discover how you can increase your prices without hurting your bottom line

This book will not only show you what you can do to increase profits but also shows you 'how to' increase your prices for a more profitable business.

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